What is free text chat?
Let the host and the netizens get to know each other from the stranger to the best channel. You can use the free text chat to understand the host. When you think of the speculation and want to further chat with the host video, you can use the member point. Digital video chat, or non-member paid chat.

How to chat with the host for free text?
Directly enter the nickname and immediately enter the video and video chat room, you can enter the box and the host and netizens free text chat.

Note: There is no free text chat in the “One-to-One Video Chat Zone”. You must enter your account number and password to enter the chat room.

Can I switch to a one-to-many or one-on-one video chat with the host?
can. You can choose one of the following three ways to chat with the host one-to-one or one-to-one video.

Member points video chat: You need to “join the member” first, and “buy points”, then log in to the chat room to talk to the host one-to-many or one-on-one video chat.
Non-member points video chat: You can purchase points without joining a member. The usage method is the same as the member point video chat, but the member purchase points can get more points feedback!
Pay-to-phone chat: You don’t need to join a member, you can use the call to talk to the host one-to-one or one-on-one video chat.

What is a non-member online credit card?
If you have not yet joined the membership and want to try it out first, you can choose non-member points to purchase. After the purchase is completed, the system will automatically generate a set of account and password, which will be sent to you via mobile phone newsletter. Please login with this account and password. You can enter the chat room and chat with the host video. The video will appear in the upper left of the box. When the screen appears, the connection with the host is completed and billing begins.

Unused points can be used again next time. When the points are used up, the account will not be able to continue to use the stored value. Please use the “non-member purchase points” to obtain the account password or join the regular member.

How do I use my member points and moderators for video chat?
Click on “Purchase Points” and select “Non-member Purchase Points”. After the purchase is completed, the system will automatically generate a set of account passwords, which will be sent to you via mobile phone newsletter. Please use this account password to log in. After entering the chat room, please click Select one-to-many or one-to-one video mode to chat with the host.

For details on the purchase points and payment, please refer to the purchase point/payment.

When do you start to deduct points?
After logging in, complete the connection with the host and start deduction. If you still can’t see the screen after connecting with the host for 30 seconds, or if the picture is still, please log out of the chat room immediately to avoid continuous deduction.

How do I end my video connection with the host?
If you want to end the video, please do the logout action to avoid continuous billing. Close the window and it will not log out, and it will cause continuous billing.

What if I can’t see the image, can’t hear the sound, the image is intermittent, or suddenly interrupted?
Please log out of the chat room immediately and call the customer service staff. For related wiring problems and handling methods of sound and video, please refer to the video connection barrier.

After I contacted the host video, I found that I was dissatisfied with the moderator. Can I request a refund?
At the same time you consume, the points have been directly dialed to the host. If you find that you are not satisfied with the host, stop using the host immediately and log out of the chat room. The company has no right to force the host to refund the fee. If the netizen requests a refund, the company needs to consult the moderator and refund the fee if the moderator agrees.