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Loss of Income and Wages

Off Work
You must not work if the doctor puts you on disability. Have the doctor provide you with an “Off Work Order” to give to your employer. Make sure your employer understands that the reason you are unable to work is due to the accident. If the doctor releases you to return to work, and you think you should not return, at least try to work, then, return to the doctor stating you are unable to accident attorneys

Loss of Business
Self-employed clients should hire someone to replace them while they are disabled. The loss is the cost of the replacement. Otherwise, you must show by records a reduction in your gross income due to your inability to do your work. Past tax records, accountant’s statements and current profit/loss forms are useful. It is helpful for you to document your loss of income as you lose the income, rather than waiting until after you return to work.accident law

Loss of Wages
If you were off work at the time of the accident and could have returned to work if the accident would not have happened, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of income, or earning capacity. If you wish to claim loss of wages, or earning capacity, make sure your doctor provides you with an “Off Work Order” and a “Return to Work Order” to show the times you could not work. You must also show you were employed, or could have been employed had it not been for the injury.personal injury law

Money to Live On
You may be entitled to disability benefits through your work. You may also be entitled to State Disability Insurance to help you through your disability period. Some of your payments may be paid by insurance while you are disabled. You may possibly be able to borrow money from relatives or friends to help you through your period of disability. Loss of income is a hardship. However, you should not work while the doctor says you are disabled.

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