What is a chat room?
When the chat room was just started, netizens used their hands to chat and make friends. In today’s Internet-developed era, chat rooms have evolved into video cameras and microphones, resulting in more intimate interactions, changes in chat interactions, and more chat rooms. Interesting. The main purpose of the chat room is to make friends, talk, and let the mind have a space to vent, to clearly locate their own sense of existence, and to connect with the world.

What is a video chat room?
At present, the video chat room is mostly a platform for video babes to work; the operation process is on the video chat website, the netizens select the favorite video babes, and enter the babes’ box to conduct video and text chat.

Usually video chat room services are charged, and the number of points is mostly; netizens can purchase points after joining the membership, the payment method is like online shopping today, online card swiping, ATM remittance, etc., after buying points Chatting with the video babes is based on the time of the chat, which is like online.

The cost of the points you spend is the “work fee” of the video babes. The video babes must make all the stops to keep your heart; when your body and mind are liberated, the video babes can also earn living expenses, so video The chat room is the service required for mutual access. If the hearts of today’s people are very lonely, work, and the environment can not meet the physical friends, it is not difficult to imagine that there are so many video babes on the Internet.

What is a one-to-many video chat?
The meaning of one-to-many refers to a video babes to a number of netizens. Due to the relationship between bandwidth technology, in general, one-to-many video is one-way video. Many users can see the video of the video babes, but the video babes can’t see the video of the netizens, because the law prohibits the public exposure. Therefore, the industry requires the video babes to be dew point in one-to-many video, and only has the function of text and voice chat (you can hear the voice of the video babes, can’t talk)

What is a one-to-one video chat?
One-on-one video chat means that netizens and video babes can see each other’s video, just like a friend. In the space of one-to-one video chat, only the netizens and the video babes enjoy the video chat without interference from others.